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I am so grateful for Erica! She has been an integral part of my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey over the past year. Her teaching style makes her classes readily accessible to any chronic pain patients. Erica's Yin and Yoga Nidra classes have the incredible ability to activate my parasympathetic nervous system with ease. I have chronic nerve and muscle pain as a result of #endometriosis and #adenomyosis wreaking havoc on my body for decades before I was properly diagnosed. I've tried a lot of different yoga classes but none have been as helpful to my whole being as Erica's. Her teachings and meditations have allowed me to use my mind and energy to heal deep wounds and slowly unlock my physical potential beyond just a pain body. She encourages students to meet themselves where they are on that day and in that minute-an incredibly helpful tool for people with anxiety and depression. She adapted quickly and gracefully to the COVID crisis and continued to offer Yin and Nidra online through zoom, with the additional ability to receive a recording if the time is not convenient. I love being able to continue my practice despite social distancing restrictions!!! Erica is an old soul whose wisdom and empathy far exceed her years. Anyone would benefit from taking classes with her. I can't recommend her enough!

Kristin C.

Chester Springs, PA

I discovered Erica Woodland’s special approach to yoga a few years ago. After my first class with her I was hooked.


Two forms of Erica’s yoga are irresistible: 


  • Yin - This practice is deceptively simple but a great workout for body and soul. Erica always brings new elements and ideas to each session. The postures, many of which are her own invention, are intelligently designed to complement the theme of the class. She incorporates verbal guidance, images, music, mantras, crystals, chakras, colors, and more, to create a unique experience of self-discovery through stillness and mindfulness.


  • Yoga Nidra – Erica creates a magical visualization journey for each session that will guide you from the depths of the earth to the far reaches of the galaxies. Her skillfully designed meditations have led me to many epiphanies, insights, and delightful imagery, all of which sustains me long after the journey’s end.  The relaxation and sleep benefits are amazing, too!


Erica is also a lovely visual artist.  I have purchased many of her wire-wrapped crystal pendants. Infused with blissful reiki energy, they feel especially sacred to me. I am always joyful and feel protected when I wear these beautiful pieces. She does custom designs at your request, as well.


Erica Woodland receives a 5-star recommendation from this grateful yoga student! She is top-notch.

Jill B.

Phoenixville, PA

Recently attended an event and can not wait to go to the next one! I never experienced a guided meditation that incorporated shamanic practices and enjoyed learning more about this. Erica combines her knowledge of: yoga, meditation and shaman practices to create a unique and restorative experience. I look forward to her next guided meditation and yoga class! If you want to learn more about these topic and rituals, or just deepen your meditation and yoga practice, then her classes are for you.

Valene M.

Pottstown, PA

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